Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Some Tips on How to Find CNA Classes

When you decide to become a nurse aide you should check if you have the minimum qualification to become one, as most of the schools and colleges where this course is offered require that the candidates should have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent GED. Also check up with various job sites to know what the employers demand or expect from the candidates they would hire. There are so many top nursing schools in 2012 that offer this course that you might get confused which one you should select.

Your selection can be based on various criterion like the quality of education offered at the school. This is a very important thing that you should consider before investing your precious time. Check with your friends what the market value of that course is. Some hospitals prefer students from a particular school. I had an American Red Cross near my home that offered this kind course. I had no friends working as nurse aides. So I went to a reputed hospital to know that if I completed my course from here, what would be my chances of getting hired. I got a very positive feedback and also had peace of mind that I would get good education. So the market value of a school or college is very important.

An important criterion selecting CNA classes can be the price of the course. Some schools quote only their tuition fees but do not include prices of other things like study materials and supplies like shoes, uniform, scrubs, watch, stethoscope. They also do not include the fees for fingerprint cards, health checkup, exam fees in their fees. Some schools have an all-inclusive package that includes all this. So when you compare the prices, make sure that you add up the cost of all this.
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The various nursing assistant courses that are offered free by various long term facilities and nursing homes. These patient care facilities will hire you are nurse aides trainees and cover up the entire cost of the program. They might ask you to sign an agreement to work for for them for a minimum period of time. An advantage getting trained form such a place is that after you get your license, you will get a job immediately and not have to hunt for one.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Daily Duties of CNA

The intelligence level greatly varies among individuals. It contributes a lot in becoming an engineer or a doctor. What someone is good at seems to be an impossible task for others. Even if you have achieved a distinctive position in your life, you will still need assistance to complete your daily work. If we focus on the medical profession, doctors would need nursing assistants to help in patient's treatments. The training individuals go through for becoming a certified nursing assistant directly impacts the quality of medical and nursing care.

Receiving training to become nursing assistant is like walking down the aisle with your partner where you take a vow to live together. Marriage brings many good things in your life, so does the nursing occupation. There will be ample cna position growth opportunities. The nursing occupation will be with you till the end once the state nursing board certifies you. Other professions are highly prone to recession, but you will never be at home due to job loss if you join the nursing industry. You will never lose your job even if there is a slowdown in the economy.

Daily duties of CNA will depend on which facility you are working in. Hospitals are the major players in the health-care industry since the facility they offer is wider than other settings. There will specific departments or units set for a particular type of disease to treat patients. In an emergency unit, you will mostly take care of patients who have critical problems due to illness or serious injuries. In a cardiac-care unit, you have to keep regular watch on the monitor that flashes the patient's heart-beating rate. Diabetic patient's condition is very much depended upon the sugar level in blood and urine. You have to check it at least twice in your shift.

Elderly patients admit themselves in nursing homes since the problems they are afflicted with needs long-term treatments and nursing care. In this setting, your daily duties will be to check their health by taking important sign. Doctors prepare the routine schedules for patients in a chart. CNAs duties will be to work on it. With that chart, you will know when to give medicines, injections or IV to patients. Some patients may have appointments with doctors. You will stick to the schedule and take them to the respective facility.

Daily duties of CNA will not change. Whatever additional duties you will need to do will rest on patients' conditions. You can impress the employers by adding extra duties in your profile. For more information, you can refer to CNA job description for resume. You will also get to read duties in each health-care facility.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Healthy Diet for Nurses

Nurses definitely need to eat well and manage their diet to keep up with the demands of the job. I can say so because I have been working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for the past 6 years. Even though the role of a CNA is not paid attention upon by many, yet a CNA has lot of duties to accomplish during their working hours. When I started working as a CNA, I did not pay much attention to my diet and ate random food that made me gain weight. The improper diet led to further complication like high blood pressure. That is when I decided to manage my diet and made some minute yet effective changes to my diet.

The CNA course will train you and make you an efficient CNA, but it is your own responsibility to maintain your diet. When I researched, I found out that our body needs a balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Hence, I added nuts to my diet. Working as a CNA I hardly got any time to eat, rather than eating I was munching in between. I carried a handful or 10 to 15 nuts during a shift, which proved as a filling, whenever I felt hungry and it also helped me to stop munching unhealthy potato chips. Another addition to my diet was fruits. They contain fibers that help in improving the digestion of food. I did not replaced fruits with my meal but with the snacks that I would munch on every now and then.

Due to high blood pressure problem, I opted for a low fats oats breakfast along with blueberries or strawberries and I would recommend this breakfast to all the nurses. It is vital to make the above mentioned minute changes to improve your energy level as you need to be friendly and energetic to perform all the CNA job duties assigned to you. To get more information about CNA jobs responsibilities you can refer and get apt information.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Do You Know What is Origin of Nurses Day

Nursing Day or "National Nursing Day" is celebrated on 6th May. This celebration continues till 12th May, as it is also termed as "National Nurse Week". National Nurse Day is also referred as National RN Recognition Day. This week is regarded as one of the greatest health care event in which the nurses association deliver free training program to those who want to develop their career as a nurse.

Nursing activities was stated way back in the year 1953. After some years, Dorothy Sutherland working in U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare initiated for keeping nurses week. In the year 1974, the proposal for Nurses Day was sanctioned by the President of US. After some year, i.e. in 1981, with the demand of nurses from New Mexico, 6th May was declared as National Recognition Day for Nurses. Along with the joint decision of ANA Board of Directors and Government of United States, the full week i.e. 6th May to 12th May was celebrated as National Nurses Week.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) also promoted this day by providing the various knowledge about CNA, their roles and responsibilities, importance of CNA, etc. If you want to move your career as a certified nursing assistant, then it is essential to have the detailed knowledge about CNA courses , CNA jobs, CNA certification, CNA Salary, etc. Make sure that you gather these information from the authentic website or through your friends or relatives before moving for CNA career.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

CNA - Aim to Cure Patient

CNA stands for “Certified Nursing Assistant” which aims at curing the patient in the best possible way. Patients having disability or any type of injury need special attention and care so that they can be recovered as soon as possible. Therefore CNA courses were introduced in order to provide specialization to the nurses as they get ready to serve the patients. The study materials are available online and are free of cost;  you need to visit the websites and get the information in detail.
It is important that you should complete your certification from any of the reputed organization so that you can get a clear theoretical as well as the practical knowledge about CNA course in detail.

There are many institutes that provide Certified Nursing Assistant training as their internship for the completion of the course. This certification course provides a good opportunity for the job in the related field. There are free CNA courses that are available online and you just need to pay for the examination and after passing the examination you will be provided with the degree certificate.

According to the latest survey, the certified nursing assistants are paid on the hourly basis and it ranges from $8 to $15. Fresher’s are paid $8 and experienced are paid as $15. This wage range may differ from one organization to another. Before moving for any degree, it is recommended to research well through its official website and then plan for it. Online CNA course is also recommended for completing the degree. This research work will help you in choosing for a better career with the related profile.